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Raregases China Co.,Limited

Rare Gases( China )Co., Limited., a subsidiary of CHINA ISOTOPE CORPORATION ( CIC ) is one of China’s largest rare gas manufacturing bases.

Industry Applications

Industry Applications We are service providers, working with you to overcome industry challenges.


High purity fluorocarbons, rare gases, and specialty gases.


Capabilities Unique chemical properties that only exist in trace amounts.

Customer-oriented, high-quality rare gas products, Cross-industry.

Rare Gases ( China ) Co., Limited. is customer-oriented, dedicated to providing high-quality rare gas products to global clients. The company’s products find wide applications in industries such as semiconductor manufacturing, aerospace, dark matter research, and optoelectronics. Whether used as ion beam assist for cleaning and etching processes in semiconductor wafer fabrication or as propellants and coolants in the aerospace industry, the products of Rare Gases ( China ) Co., Limited play a vital role.

Analytical Capability

The company employs advanced manufacturing processes and a team of experts in deep cryogenic separation to produce high-purity rare gases such as xenon and krypton,the company is known for its ultra-high purity (6N+) products and is equipped with advanced analytical instruments, including 2 sets of Gowmac DID, 1 set of Gowmac TCD, and 1 set of Tiger moisture analyzer, to ensure strong analytical capabilities.

Industry Application

  • Aerospace :
    Satellite programs, space travel, propulsion agent for spacecrafts, satellite thrusters and interplanetary probes.
  • Electronics :
    Our rare gases can be used in many electronics applications such as excimer lasers, buffer gas for semiconductor manufacturing, deep trench etching of DRAM integrated circuits, focused etch process, and plasma panel display.
  • Glass :
    Krypton is used as a filler in the production of double and triple-pane insulated windows. Krypton offers various advantages over other gases including reducing heat loss, increasing heat transfer resistance in the unit, and reducing levels of solar radiation. You can also increase the R-value or decrease the U-factor for window and door insulation with krypton, xenon and rare gas mixtures.
  • Lighting :
    Krypton is used for bright white light and long lasting incandescent bulbs, as well as photographic lighting applications. Stadiums, automotive HID, head lights, IMAX theaters, photography and other concentrated, bright-light applications rely on xenon for their lighting needs.

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