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Rare Gases( China )Co., Limited., a subsidiary of CHINA ISOTOPE CORPORATION ( CIC ) is one of China’s largest rare gas manufacturing bases. The company focuses on the production and supply of high-purity rare gases such as xenon and krypton to meet the needs of industries including semiconductors, aerospace, dark matter, and optoelectronics. With advanced manufacturing processes, ultra-high purity (6N+) product quality, and state-of-the-art analytical instruments, the company enjoys a reputation in the field of rare gases. As a subsidiary under the control of CHINA ISOTOPE CORPORATION ( CIC )., Rare Gases ( China ) Co., Limited. upholds the high standards and spirit of innovation of the group, continuously driving technological advancements and product quality improvements. The company boasts a team of deep cryogenic separation experts who possess extensive experience and expertise in precise control of temperature, pressure, and chemical reactions during the production process, ensuring the purity and stability of rare gases. Rare Gases ( China ) Co., Limited. is customer-oriented, dedicated to providing high-quality rare gas products to global clients. The company’s products find wide applications in industries such as semiconductor manufacturing, aerospace, dark matter research, and optoelectronics. Whether used as ion beam assist for cleaning and etching processes in semiconductor wafer fabrication or as propellants and coolants in the aerospace industry, the products of Rare Gases ( China ) Co., Limited. play a vital role. To meet global market demands, Rare Gases ( China ) Co., Limited. actively engages in international cooperation and exports its products worldwide. Through technical exchanges and collaboration with overseas partners, the company continuously introduces advanced production equipment and processes to improve product quality and production efficiency. Rare Gases ( China ) Co., Limited. always places quality at the core and strives for excellence. The company has implemented a stringent quality control system to ensure product stability and reliability. Additionally, it prioritizes environmental protection and sustainable development, employing advanced environmental technologies and management practices to minimize environmental impact. Rare Gases ( China ) Co., Limited. will continue to pursue technological innovation and product upgrades, providing high-quality rare gas products and excellent services to global clients. The company will expand market share, strengthen international cooperation, and strive to become a leader and promoter in the field of rare gases.

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