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Semiconductor Industry

We have decades of experience supplying rare gases for space propulsion.
Argon (Ar): Argon is commonly used in semiconductor manufacturing processes as a shielding gas. It provides a stable and inert environment to prevent oxidation and contamination during processes such as plasma etching and sputtering. Helium (He): Helium is widely used for cooling semiconductor devices and equipment. Its low boiling point and high thermal conductivity make it an ideal coolant for maintaining low temperatures in cryogenic applications. Neon (Ne): Neon is used in the semiconductor industry for its ability to emit a bright orange-red light when electrically charged. It is used in neon lamps and indicators for various applications, including display panels and signage. Krypton (Kr): Krypton is used in the production of semiconductor devices, such as lasers and photodiodes. It is also used as a filling gas in certain types of gas discharge lamps used for backlighting in LCD displays. Xenon (Xe): Xenon is utilized in the semiconductor industry for its unique properties in lighting applications. It is commonly used in specialized lamps, such as flash lamps for photolithography and UV curing processes.

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